Read what past event attendees have to say about their experience at the Vendor Shootout™ for ERP

"Spending time with the vendors and getting to interact and discuss our specific issues was huge.  Really helps get a clearer picture of how the systems can benefit our company."
Paperboard Manufacturer

"I was able to see the systems working, interface, and ask questions about the capabilities."
-IT Manager
Electronics Manufacturer

"Best way to get a neutral presentation of the products in a concise format.  For a company like us that is early in the process of deciding the "short list" this was invaluable."
Paperboard Manufacturer

"The shootout is a very cost/time effective method of evaluating multiple ERP offerings."
-Director of IT
Chemicals Manufacturer

"A structured, broad, yet selective market exposure to leading vendors is a great catalyst for an informed decision on which software packages to consider."
-Business Solutions Analyst
Tire Distribution

"It was good to view all demos in a short period of time, so you did not forget relevant information when comparing vendors."

-Chief Financial Officer
Automotive and Furniture Components Manufacturer

"This was a first class show. Anyone shopping for a potential new ERP system should do themselves a favor and attend this shootout.  The presentations were extremely informative and professionally delivered.  The show has us second guessing our original strategy for ERP selection and implementation.  I highly recommend this show."
-Materials Manager
Transport Equipment Manufacturer

"The ERP Shootout was an effective and efficient way to get a good overview and comparison of several mid-tier software solutions.  Was a good first step in the selection process."
-Division Controller
Fiber Manufacturer

"Its a time saver - I learned so much about the different vendors - it has armed me to be a better selector."
-Chief Information Officer
Moulding Manufacturer

"I was able to get 2 months of research completed in 2 days."
-Director of Information Technology
Life Sciences Products Manufacturer

"I was able to gain a much better idea of what's available and compare several products to what our current business needs are."
-Productions Control Manager
Oil Well / Drilling Technology Manufacturer

"A project of this magnitude (software selection) is a very long drawn out process.  The solution you choose will have a tremendous impact on your business.  To review multiple software demonstrations at one time with side by side comparisons saves time narrowing your selections moving your project forward in a shorter period of time."
-Materials Manager
Plastics Manufacturer

"This event provides a single forum to both view and evaluate multiple vendors and software....this is a very unique approach and one that I feel is highly beneficial to those in the market for a new ERP."
-Chief Financial Officer
Packaging Materials Firm

"Getting that many ERP vendors under one roof was a great time saver for our company. Thank you so much!!!!!!!"
-Operations Manger
Valves Manufacturer

"Found the event useful in determining which packages were the most likely to meet our needs.  Questions from other attendees also helped me think outside our specific business needs."
-Vice President
Wall Systems Manufacturer

"Effective use of time to see multiple suppliers in one place and obtain a better understanding of who could fit a potential solution and down select candidates."
-ERP Implementation Manager
Transportation Systems Manufacturer

"The Script provides an equal playing field which allows for an equal evaluation by attendees.  Very Nice!
-Chief Financial Officer
Packaging & Storage Firm

"Having a remote event allowed us to focus on the ERP selection process for several consecutive days rather than shoe-horning individual web demos between other work meetings and not really absorbing it all."
-IT Manager
Industrial Equipment Distributor

"Reviewing several products in the same day really helped us compare each company's features and contrast the advantages and disadvantages.  One demo would lead to questions that we could then ask at other demo's, whereas we might not have though of that issue had it not come up in a previous session."
-Director of Information Technology
Agricultural Equipment Distributor

"The small groups and social gatherings later gave opportunities to discuss particular topics/questions with the presenters."
-IT Manager
Tractor Distributor

"Good opportunity to get very good overviews and look and feel of products with little "sales" pressure in a very small amount of time."
-Chief Technology Officer
Paperboard & Packaging Company

"It is an excellent opportunity to see many different applications in a low pressure setting."
-Director of Information Technology
Food Products Manufacturer

"It was time well spent in comparing the functionality of the various software products."

-Chief Financial Officer

Snack Foods Manufacturer

"If a company is interested in getting a "first look" at some of the main players in the ERP mid-market, the Shootout provides an opportunity to see the systems in action and then decide which vendors to further engage."

-Senior Manager, Corporate Business Systems

Department of Defense

"The event is unique in it's approach to providing a platform for comparison of systems based on the scripted demo approach. Kudos! "

-Director of Technology

Medical Grade Wire & Cable Manufacturer

"The ERP Vendor Shootout gave us an opportunity to objectively compare vendors without any sales pressure and helped us shorten our evaluation time considerably. "

-Operations Manager

Transportation Technology

"The scripted demos did allow for a near apples to apples comparison of the software.  It kept them honest (VARs) and allows us to view more of the functionality in less than two hours than I have seen in other half-day demos.  The Keynote presentation had a couple of nuggets that will ensure we get company buy-in on our project ... a key element we had lost sight of while deep in feature comparison."

-VP of Finance

Router Manufacturer

"Scripted Demo's help keep vendors focused and enable a way to compare the other vendor.  Enables you to quickly see multiple vendors in 1 day in 1 spot.  At a 10,000 ft level enables you to determine which vendors may best fit your needs. "

                                                                                                                                    -Director of Information Technology

                                                                                                                                                    Lighter Manufacturer

"The ERP Vendor Shootout allowed my company to see a variety of ERP systems go head to head in only one day."

                                                                                                                                         Thermo Plastics Manufacturer

"The scripted presentations create a format that allows for a true 'apples to apples' comparison of products and functionality."

                                                                                                                                        -Director Information Technology
                                                                                                                                   Furniture Manufacturer & Distributor

"This event allowed me to see multiple products, not just power points, and recognize the state of the industry."

                                                                                                                                                        -Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                                                                    Commercial Plumbing Manufacturer

"I found all aspects of the ERP Vendor Shootout to be helpful in our software selection process."

                                                                                                                                                                       -IT Manager

                                                                                                                       Commercial Safety Equipment Manufacturer

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